Wally Evans, President, Special Shapes Refractory Company, discusses the company's 25-year history.
Special Shapes Refractory Company is a privately-held, family-owned business founded in 1987. From the very beginning, we set a goal to be a refractory company that could skillfully craft pre-cast refractory shapes quickly without sacrificing quality. This fundamental goal continues to be the cornerstone for the successful growth of our company.

Today, SSRC operates a 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility with sales representatives located in Bessemer, AL, Baltimore, MD and Pittsburgh, PA.

Our company's number one capability is vibrocasting unique engineered pre-cast refractory shapes. We offer quick turnaround times and short lead times for emergency hot and cold repairs.

We cast shapes for all of the major glass producers here in the United States, NAFTA region and overseas markets.

While our focus is on glassmakers, we offer products for use in any heat processing industry including aluminum and steel foundries and petrochemical manufacturers.