Phoenix Award Winner 2014: Mr G. Clinton Shay

By Greg Morris

(Photo: CARY NORTON) Luke Evans and his dad, company founder Wally Evans, on the factory floor — where every Special Shapes Refractory employee starts work with the company.

G. Clinton Shay, co-inventor of Corning’s Fusion process, has been honored with the 2014 44th Phoenix Award, the ‘Glass Person of the Year’. Greg Morris spoke exclusively to Mr. Shay about his career in the glass industry and attended a gala dinner held on his behalf in Roanoke, USA.

Shay, or Clint as he is known informally, is a true pioneer within the flat glass industry. Anyone who owns an LCD TV, an android phone or a tablet is likely to have a product that stems from Mr. Shay’s Fusion process.

This year, he has earned the illustrious Phoenix award for his outstanding contribution to the industry in the field of glass forming. Mr. Shay (left, pictured with SSRC's Wally Evans) is now retired from Corning Inc., but in 1958 he was the co-inventor of the Fusion sheet forming process.

SSRC's Wally Evans, Phoenix Award Chairman, says "The evolution variations of LCD technology was made possible by the contributions by Clint. The extension of fusion technology impacts every day life. Almost everything we do today, from watching television, making cell phone calls and touching tablets is a result of fusion technology.”

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