TANK MUL-60 SC™ is a high purity, low porosity Andalusite-based composition that possesses excellent resistance to vapor and alkali attack, as well as superior hot load creep resistance and thermal shock resistance.


  • Chemical Analysis
    Al₂O₃ SiO₂ Fe₂O₃ TiO₂ MgO CaO Alkali
    60.9 35.6 0.7 0.6 0.1 1.8 0.3

    Recommended for Burner Blocks, Outside Doghouse Arch, Distributor and Forehearth cover Blocks and Sodium Silicate Superstructure Requirements.

    The data provided above is for general information only. For a more complete overview of this product, please contact SSRC for access to our more detailed technical data sheets.

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