Bonded AZS for non-Glass Contact Applications

TANK AZS-300 utilizes the same, unique bond system as TANK AZS-100, recommended for use in forehearth and melter superstructure applications for container glass, sodium silicate glass and fiber glass.


  • Chemical Analysis
    Al₂O₃ SiO₂ Fe₂O₃ TiO₂ CaO ZrO₂ Alkalis
    51.2 33.3 0.5 0.9 0.9 12.7 0.2

    TANK AZS-300™ is recommended for non-glass contact forehearth superstructure, burner blocks, peephole blocks in sodium silicate glass tanks.

    The data provided above is for general information only. For a more complete overview of this product, please contact SSRC for access to our more detailed technical data sheets.

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