Bonded AZS for Superstructure HOT REPAIR Applications

TANK AZS 35-HP™ is our new, “hot repair” AZS product utilizing a high purity AZS grain structure and newly developed bond system that improves alkali resistance while maintaining low thermal conductivity, straight line co-efficient characteristics and large shape capabilities for hot repair applications.


  • Chemical Analysis
    SiO₂ Al₂O₃ ZrO₂ Fe₂O₃ CaO Alkalis
    20.5 43.7 34.9 0.1 0.7 0.1

    TANK AZS 35-HP is recommended for HOT repair use (with no pre-heating required) in both regenerative and gas-oxy furnace superstructure applications where operating conditions dictate improved properties over conventional bonded AZS and fused-cast AZS materials. For furnace walls, mantle blocks, skimmer blocks, doghouse arches, burner blocks, and peephole blocks.

    The data provided above is for general information only. For a more complete overview of this product, please contact SSRC for access to our more detailed technical data sheets.

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