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TANK COAT 45 is a bonded AZS refractory product based on a unique, Special Shapes developed fused AZS grain.


  • Chemical Analysis
    Al₂O₃ ZrO₂ SiO₂ Cr₂O₃ Fe₂O₃
    50.7 29.3 18.5 - 0.1

    This unique raw material formulation has allowed TANK COAT 45 to be one of the most versatile Al₂O₃/ZrO₂/SiO₂ refractory materials offered to the Glass Industry. TANK COAT 45 is manufactured in custom engineered shapes for both hot and cold repairs.

    The data provided above is for general information only. For a more complete overview of this product, please contact SSRC for access to our more detailed technical data sheets.
  • TANK COAT 45 with its unique AZS grain structure gives the following benefits:

    • Excellent Thermal Shock Properties
    • Low Porosity
    • High Electrical Resistivity Characteristics
    • Very Good Glass Corrosion Properties
    • Maintains same Physical and Chemistry Properties no matter what shape and size it is manufactured to
    • Short lead times

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