CHANNEL CAST XTR™ is a sintered Tabular Alumina refractory product based on pure, 99%+ Al₂O₃ with extremely low impurities.


  • Chemical Analysis
    Al₂O₃ SiO₂ Fe₂O₃
    99.53 0.04 0.05

    CHANNEL CAST XTR’s superior glass corrosion and low glass defect potential properties make it an excellent choice for glass melting refining and conditioning applications.

    The data provided above is for general information only. For a more complete overview of this product, please contact SSRC for access to our more detailed technical data sheets.
  • CHANNEL CAST XTR with it’s very high purity Al₂O₃ grain structure offers:

    • Low porosity
    • Extremely low permeability
    • Excellent thermal shock resistance
    • Low thermal conductivity properties

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